Roy Sarkin, sculptor, artist and Master Goldsmith, is one of South Africa's finest craftsmen, and with his fine attention to detail and artistic creativity, he creates bronze sculptures that take one's breath away!

Roy Sarkin decided, after many years as a jeweller, that he would like to try his hand at sculpting.

A client asked whether Roy would be interested in making a sculpture for him – if he liked it he’d buy it. Roy said if the client didn’t like it he’d keep it for himself. Although he’d committed himself, Roy didn’t actually know anything about sculpture. In true DIY spirit, he went about sculptures. He read books and spoke to people who did know a little bit about it.

The first step was to make an armature – wire and mesh frame – on to which wax is packed. When the wax is roughly the required shape sculpting the required shape can begin.

First attempt was not good enough for his own high standards so he trashed it and began again. Roy’s second attempt was far superior to the first. He took the finished wax to the client, who was so thrilled that he told Roy to go ahead and cast it.